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I just wanted to say thank you for putting something like this together. I am planning a move to Beijing this August, and you’ve really given me a clear picture of what to expect. Cheers!
  —  China Expat
Thank you so much for this amazing resource! I am moving alone to Beijing to teach for a high school there after several years teaching at a public high school in Las Vegas, where I currently live. I will be poring over your site in the days to come and appreciate any advice you may have for me personally!
  —  China Expat
Yours is a fantastic blog. The most helpful and even-handed one I have found yet as you clearly write it to help all expat types. Thank you and keep up the great work!
  —  China Expat
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Life and Transition to China is Easier in Community

Are you planning to become a China Expat? Maybe you are already in China and are looking for more info on life in China? The China Expat Society provides practical information, helpful resources and a supportive community of expats throughout China.

As China Expats ourselves, we have settled in and learned a lot about life in China. One thing we learned is that there are many resources available but not one single place to find everything you need to know when starting out in China. In this community, glean from other expats who have been there and done that before.

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All the Info You Need as a China Expat in One Place


How much does it cost to live in China? How does banking work for expats in China? And how do you handle taxes from abroad? We answer all these questions and more.

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As you are planning to spend some time in China, you are probably also thinking about learning Chinese, or actually Mandarin, as the most common Chinese dialect is called.

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Understanding the culture in China and how you will react to cultural differences will help you to better thrive as an expat living in China.

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Expat Life

In many respects, living as an expat in China is like living anywhere else. So, while at first glace, everything is the same, of course many things are different and specific to China.

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Making the move from a Western country to Chi a huge change, even if you have moved to other countries and experienced different cultures before, like. Find out what you should know to get ready.

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Understanding how the internet works in China and the importance of using a VPN will ensure you stay connected and can access the websites you need.

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Premium Resources for Expats in China

Premium Resources for Expats in China

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